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About BeveragePulse.com
BeveragePulse.com is the result of collaboration between Concept Catalysts, Inc. and iModerate Research Technologies. We saw a need for relevant, high quality, and affordable insights into what drives consumer purchase and consumption of packaged beverages. We look at consumers’ preferences, what really drives purchase behavior and the implications for the future. These consumer insights together with market analysis and an understanding of value chain profitability can provide companies in the packaging and beverage value chain with a clear understanding of the current market dynamics and a clearer picture of what the future holds. What we know is that all too often companies and individuals don’t have access to these critical consumer insights and often have misconceptions about how their products are viewed by consumers. The main barrier in many cases is the cost of custom research. Our intent is to break down this barrier by offering relevant, high quality, and affordable consumer insights through our multi-client model.

About Concept Catalysts, Inc.
How do you sift through all the information and data available to make the best business decisions? How do you know that your next steps are really based on timely financial data, consumer perspectives, and a deep understanding of all aspects of the beverage and beverage packaging fields?

Concept Catalysts has been in business since 2001 providing Fortune 500 clients throughout the packaged beverage value chain with the information, analysis and insights needed to formulate business strategy. At Concept Catalysts, our goal is to provide leaders in the packaged beverage value chain with high quality consumer insights, market analysis, and accurate modeling of value chain cost and profitability. Over the last decade, Concept Catalysts has gained the reputation of developing unique tools that accurately address today's challenges and provide clients with data based analyses that fine tune their forecasting and planning.

Bob Falkenberg, who founded the company brings to this work over 30 years experience in packaging innovation, business to business marketing, and consumer marketing. The company is known for providing a unique combination of highly detailed, in-depth  market analysis for the beverage and beverage packaging industries.

About iModerate
At iModerate our mission is to provide you with insight that enlightens and empowers. To accomplish this we have effectively broken down the barriers associated with conducting one-on-one research online, allowing you to converse individually with respondents to capture their true thoughts and ideas. We conduct these conversations in virtually any language, allowing you to gather valuable insights from clients all over the globe.

Founded in 2004 by Carl Rossow and Joel Benenson, iModerate Research Technologies was created to broaden the value of quantitative data obtained in online surveys. Our founders recognized there was a significant need in the marketplace to elucidate, strengthen and breathe life into the statistics. In order to fill this gap and create our solutions, we developed a revolutionary online one-on-one that could be inserted into virtually any survey.

Today, iModerate is the leader in online one-on-ones. Both of our offerings, the hybrid Research>iMpact solution and our stand-alone Optimum!nsight offering, revolve around these professionally moderated interview sessions. These proprietary offerings allow us to deliver enhanced research that enables you to complete the research story using your consumer's own voice, and consistently achieve your research objectives. Reach us directly